To My Dearest Customers & Staff,

After a thorough thought for the past few days, I’ve decided to close the Both Locations to the Public starting Sat March 21st to Sun April 5th.  This wasn’t an easy decision, as a small business owner, if we have no income, we would literally be out of business in two months.  However, this is something I want to say, I feel guilty everyday going to work, and putting my staff at risk while the rest of the city is partaking in SOCIAL DISTANCING.  Yet at the same time, my staff rely on the income to pay rent. It’s very self-conflicting.

I’ve came to terms to myself, I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happens to my staff, which totally defeats the purpose of my life & my business – that is “to Bring people Happiness and Joy through our love for food and Customer Service”  I spent 16yrs building two businesses. It wasn’t an easy ride.  Running a small business is like riding on the roller coaster. There is no seat belt, no safety guaranteed.

This is how I want everyone to think. We are all suffering at the moment. This is a losing situation for all parties.  No one is the Winner. Our economy will take awhile to recover.  I’ve already accepted that if I lose both of my businesses and still have to pay the accumulated debt that I owed to the bank because of the COVID-19, I’m okay with it. I know that I’ve done my part to keep everyone safe so that they can be there for their family and loved ones.

I’m young, and I can always rebuild from scratch. It’s time to think about the Future, if we lose everything, all the money and jobs today, we can always find a way to bounce back if we are Healthy. In the end of the day, if we all follow the rules set by the government and do our part NOW, we are all WINNERS in the endTrue Happiness is not just about money it’s when you can be healthy and be with your friends, families, and loved one. 

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Be Grateful that we are still here! We Got This! We’ll miss you for a little while but we’ll come back stronger and better!

Love you all,