Campaign on GoFundMe:

Hello Dessert Lady Friends,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy! As you may already know we do not have an established reopening date for Dessert Lady due to the increase of COVID-19 cases. That means that unfortunately we will not be taking any custom orders for delivery because our bakery is closed.

Our number one priority is the Safety and Health for our staff and customers as we know how contagious this virus is. Many of our staff take public transportation and live with their families (elders and kids). A great amount of our customers also fall into different groups such as the elderly, parents with kids, young professionals, and many international students who do not have health benefits. As we have said before, our purpose is to

“Bring People Happiness and Joy through our love for food and Customer Service.”

One of our customers, Maclin Williams, knowing the big financial impact that The Dessert Lady was going to go through reached out to us and asked us if she could make a GO FUND ME campaign for us [Campaign:]. Maclin asked us to send the link to our mail list to see if anyone else wanted to take part. We are sending this email so that all of you have knowledge of it and if you have the means and would like to donate you could.

A draw for 20 spots for those who donate $100 or more to win a class to learn how to do abstract Buttercream Cake Painting.

For donors donating $200 or more they will enter a draw to win a private 4- course dinner for 4 people.

We also acknowledge that this is a cause that might not be part of our financial plans that is why we have also decided to do something for those of you who do decide to partake in it. Thank you for taking the time to read this email. We hope that you are safe and are staying home to help flatten the curve.

The Dessert Lady Team