Happy Mother’s Day!


We so often underestimated how much our mom have done for us. Our mom wasn’t just our birther. Throughout their live (moms), taking care of the kids is really more than a full time job. A lot of time, people very often only think about who put food on the table is the key person. It’s totally wrong. Without the tender loving care, their patience and unconditional love when the kids were uncontrollable (we were all there before). Because they stayed home, we didn’t get to see what they have done (I called it Behind the Scene), that’s why we never gave enough credit to our mom. Waking up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, chatting with the kids make sure they got the love they need, understanding what they have gone through and sooth them. A lot of moms are in the workforce as well! Imagine that, working full time to raise the kids, sharing the household expenses, and at the same time, full time taking care of the kids. Our Mom are our Rock!! They never complained!! They know this is what we need……..isn’t it important to acknowledge how much they devoted and show them our appreciated by getting her something sweet? write her a card? or just call to say I love you Mom!!

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