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Mandy’s love for food and unique flavours has been evident since she was a child. Her culinary journey began at the age of six when she stumbled across a Thai Chicken dish that was so delicious, she felt compelled to recreate the experience. Time and time again Mandy would experiment with different flavours in hopes to recreate the dish of her dreams. Lemon, mint, tomato, and lime; each attempt led her closer to Thai Chicken perfection. After ten years of trial and error, she mastered the dish. This passion and devotion to culinary excellence is what Mandy brings to the Dessert Lady kitchen every day.


By the age of nine, Mandy’s passion for food continued to blossom. She and her brother would spend their nights running through the streets of Hong Kong, hopping from food vendor to food vendor that lined the crowded sidewalks (cue Rachel’s incredible Singapore food market experience from Crazy Rich Asians). The smells, tastes, sights and feelings have become some of Mandy’s fondest memories. From a young age, she learned that this was what she wanted in her life – to open a restaurant and to be surrounded by Great Food, Great People & Great Service!


Mandy has dedicated herself to not just food, but flavours, tastes and experiences. The Dessert Lady retail shop (which has been open for 13 years and counting) and the newly opened Dessert Lady Café & Bakery were both steps in Mandy’s culinary journey, and proof that dreams do come true. She and her team pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients from around the world paired with flavours from home to create unique dining experiences for each and every customer.


Take a peek below at a few of Mandy’s favourite dishes and let us know which one you would like to try in the comments below!

Tuna Tartare with Smashed Avocado
Tuna Tataki Salad
Pulled Pork Brioche Bun
Turkey Grilled Cheese


The Dessert Lady



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